How to Join

Ready to become a member of the largest professional organization in the world? A full-year membership for students is only $32! Also, as a new student member, you have the option of trying out a half-year membership for $16.
Here's how to join:


Click "Join IEEE"

Select "Join as Student"

Follow instructions to create an IEEE account and fill out your contact/profile information

In the education information section, type in and select "New Mexico Univ Of" to enter UNM as your University/college

(Optional) Pick out special memberships/societies to fit your interests (note: certain societies may have an additional charge)

Once you finish filling out your information, proceed to checkout to complete payment and finalize your membership. Use code FUTURE50 for a discount. Don't forget to renew your membership each year through your existing IEEE account.

Congratulations! You are now an official member of IEEE and the UNM Student Branch! You should begin receiving the IEEE Potentials magazine in the mail within the next few weeks and the Spectrum magazine via email.

For any additional questions, you can always contact our Officers at