Lockers are available for rent throughout the ECE Building as a handy place to store your belongings (textbooks, jackets, etc.) and help lighten your backpack!

To rent a locker, or for inquiries, please email specifying the type of locker you would like, the duration of the rental, and when you can meet for payment. We accept cash only for payment.

1st & 2nd Floor Lockers

For IEEE members:  $10/semester,  $15/year,  $5/summer
For non-members:  $12/semester,  $20/year,  $5/summer

*Locks provided by UNM IEEE for 1st & 2nd floor lockers*

3rd Floor Lockers

For members & non-members:  $8/semester,  $12/year,  $5/summer

*Locks NOT provided for 3rd floor lockers- please bring your own lock*